Get a HEAD START to your career!

The Head Start program offered at Seymour College was created by the Department of Education & Training (DET). It is available to students over 15 years of age and allows secondary school students the opportunity to undertake a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship whilst completing either their VCE certificates. In very basic terms Head Start is an ‘upgraded’ SBAT that offers students:

• Opportunity to complete (or make significant contribution towards) an apprenticeship or traineeship while still at school.
• Increased paid time in the workplace each year.
• Flexible timetable delivery of their VCE or Vocational Major program.
• Ongoing one-to-one support from a Head Start Coordinator.
• Undertake industry training with quality TAFEs and training providers.

The program offers significant potential and benefits for students as it allows them to begin their career of choice, developing workplace skills and knowledge together with continuing their school education and friendships.

Students who have commenced a Head Start apprenticeship or traineeship and completed their secondary schooling, are transitioning into full time employment, mostly with the same employer. These are truly fantastic outcomes the school is extremely proud of.