ABLES- Abilities Based Learning and Education Support

The Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) program supports the teaching and learning of students with disabilities and additional needs. It provides a suite of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting resources that assist teachers in recognising and responding to the diverse learning needs of all students, and in assessing and reporting student learning, monitoring student progress and providing accurate intervention advice.

Features of ABLES

ABLES provides an approach to effectively assess, monitor and respond to a student’s abilities by:

  1. Accurately identifying and setting learning goals for students with disabilities and additional learning needs.
  2. Tracking a student’s progress against their individual learning plan over time, and providing new information to parents on their child’s learning and development.
  3. Identifying the optimal resources that are known to improve learning, which can be adjusted as the learning needs of students change over time. 


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