The VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) is awarded to students who successfully complete their secondary education. It is recognised internationally, and provides pathways to further study at university, TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and the world of work.

The VCE program covers both Years 11 & 12 and involves four semesters or half-years of work. Capable Year 10 students should elect to undertake a Unit 1,2 or a VET Unit 1,2.

Over these four semesters students will normally take a total of 22 units. These will include:

a)  four units of English (one per semester)
b)  six units per semester in VCE Year 1 (Year 11)
c)  five sequences in VCE Year 2 (Year 12).

Units 3 & 4 are taken as a sequence.

To be awarded the Victorian Certificate of Education the student must satisfactorily complete at least sixteen units, including:

a)  at least three units of English (one of which must be at 3/4 level).
b)  at least three sequences of semester 3 and 4 level units of studies other than English.

Most students will take 1 and 2 level units at Year 11 and 3 and 4 level units at Year 12. Some Year 10 students will be able to take a unit 1/2 subject if their Year 9 results are very good. Some year 11 students will be able to take a unit 3/4 sequence, if their Year 10 results are very good.

A unit is taken for one semester (half year) and is of approximately 100 hours duration. Regular homework and revision is an essential part of this.

Choosing a Program

When choosing courses and units, students should consider the following questions:

  • Is the subject of interest to me?
  • Do I have a good chance of success in the subject?
  • What kind of unit is it?
  • What type of work is required? Practical? Scientific? Essay Writing?
  • Will the unit chosen keep open a suitable range of later studies and career choices?
  • Do the units fulfil the requirements for admission to relevant tertiary courses?
  • What type of student program am I most interested in?


Obtaining advice and information

It is the responsibility of the student to seek advice and make informed decisions. Students should seek advice and information from their subject teachers. 

Students should also seek information on possible careers and further education courses by visiting the Careers Room and seeking advice from Mr Linton.

VET as part of the VCE

One or more VET subjects may be included in the VCE.

Planning for the two year course

Students should plan for both Years 11 and 12, realising that changes can and will be made to those plans to suit their changing interests and activities. 

At Year 11, 6 units will be studied each Semester, each for five periods per week. At Year 12, five units will be studied each Semester, for five periods per week each. One ore more of these may be a VET subject.

Fees and Charges

Several units of study have a charge attached to them. Selecting one of these courses means an obligation to accept responsibilty for the charge involved.

It is expected that students will have paid 50% of the charge before the end of this year and the remainder in the first week of the new school year. Payment of the unit charge confirms the student’s place in a class.