Executive Principal
Gail Hardman
Assistant Principals
College Wide (Teaching & Learning / Positive Education)
Engagement & Wellbeing

Trish Bulluss

College Wide (Teaching & Learning / Strategic Resource Management)

7-12 (Management)

Derek Rimes

College Wide (teaching & Learning – Inclusion) 

Inclusive (Management)

Stephen Garner

College Wide (Teaching & Learning /  Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting) 

F-6 (Management)

Dean Bush

College Wide Leading Teachers
F-6 Campus Manager  –  Lois Kelly VCE / Senior Studies / Head Start – Year 11 & 12 Curriculum Focus – Sharon Hill
7-12 Campus Manager – Christy Rilen F-6 Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting – Sue Watson
7-10 Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting – Corryn Hicks 5-12 Science – Tristan Garcia
7-12 Literacy – Daniel Piacquadio 7-12 Numeracy – Tracie Baker
Inclusive Education Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting – Racheal Broughton
Learning Specialists
F-6 Teaching and Learning – Literacy

Natalie Gatt

F-6 Teaching and Learning – Numeracy

Noelene Whitfort

7-10 – Differentiated and Porject Based Learning 

Emmi Hoefchen

Business Manager 
Linda Williams
Accounts Payable
Janet McKenzie
Human Resources
Vyvienne Warren
Tanya Smyth
Daily Organiser
James King
Principal’s Executive Assistant 
Robyn Hockley
Tanya Smyth
Accounts Receivable 
Olivia Allen

 Wellbeing Officer F-6
Jayne Farnan 

Wellbeing Officer 7-12
Lloyd Taylor

Kirsty Hare

Admin Cashier 
Ann Smith
Defence Transition Mentor 
Maryanne Carroll-Keays
James King / Steven Herenyi
ICT Technician
Mark Pace

Food Lab Technician 

Luke Meredith


John Murphy