Schools Privacy Policy Department Of Education Policy – Clarifies that all school staff (Including Student Support Service Officers , other allied health practitioners and teaching staff) may share personal and health information about a student with all other staff who ‘need to know’ that information, to enable the school to educate or support the student or fulfil legal obligations.

Aboriginal Learning, Wellbeing and Safety Action Plan

Anaphylaxis Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Asthma Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Cash Handling Policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations (including Mandatory Reporting) Policy and Procedures

Child Safety Risk Register

Child Safety Code Of Conduct Policy

Child Safety Responding & Reporting Obligations Policy

Child Safe Poster

Closed Circut TV Policy

Complaints Policy

Communication With School Staff Policy


Curriculum Policy

Discipline Policy

Digital Technologies Policy

DET Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy

Doctors in Secondary Schools Consent and Confidentiality Policy

Duty Of Care Policy

EAL Policy

Emergency Management Plan

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy Inclusive Education

Examination Policy

Excursion policy

Facebook policy

Financial Management Policy 

First Aid Policy

Gender Equal

Homework Policy

Health Care Needs Policy

Individual Education Plan Policy

Inclusion & Diversity Policy

Instrumental Music Policy

Internet Usage Policy

Loan of Equipment Policy

Locker Policy

Medication Policy

Mobile Phone policy

Parent Payments One Page Visual Schools

Parents & Friends Policy

Petty Cash Policy 

Personal Property Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Collection Note

Photography, Filming & Recording Students Policy

Professional Development Policy

Professional Development Policy (non-teaching staff) 

Reading Recovery Policy

Refund Policy

Respect for School Staff Policy 

Reporting on Student Performance Policy

Restraint Of Student Policy (Our school follows the Department’s policy and guidance on Restraint of Students)

School Bus Driver Drug & Alcohol Policy

School Purchasing Card Policy

Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy

Student use of Motor Vehicle

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Sun Protection

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy

Target Shooting Policy

Teaching & Learning Policy

Transition Policy

Uniform Policy

Vehicle Policy

Volunteers Policy

Visitors Policy

Working With Childrens Check Policy

Workplace Bullying Policy